Carol Guscott has experienced the


But her story is gripping, compelling,

a must-hear...


Carol's story is beyond unbelievable, she survived, and

survived to tell it. She is an inspirational speaker and author

of the book "Face of Hope." Her story is one of courage,

faith, and inspiration.

Carol's Bio

Carol Guscott is a woman rebuilding her life after surviving a brutal attack.

Alone at her workplace in 1994, two men held Carol at knife point. After

robbing her of money and jewelry, they tied her up helplessly on a recliner

chair, and poured flesh eating acid onto her eyes and face.

In her own country of Jamaica, Carol could not find the medical care her injury required. After four months in the hospital proved no good, Carol walked out of the hospital. Determined to become better, she went on seeing doctors to find healing for her injuries. A year passed, but Carol found no healing.

Prior to the attack, Carol was a budding business woman who saw fabulous success for the future. The attack ruined Carol from the outside, but Carol never felt the way she looked, and never believed the voices that told her that her life was over now that she was blind and totally disfigured.


Face of Hope

The Carol Guscott Story

by Carol Guscott

"This book is proof of the power of faith to strengthen us."

Della Reese Lett, actress/singer

'Face Of Hope, is a true will win in your journey of life as you discover God's great, amazing grace!"

Ken Wales, filmmaker/producer


Inspirational Christian Speaker

Carol Guscott is a fascinating inspirational speaker.

Could your congregation/audience benefit from a special guest speaker with an uplifting message? Carol Guscott is a survivor, author, speaker, and Christian woman living in Orange County, California.  Having faced a life of tragedy and triumph through Christ, it is Carol's passion to offer hope and encouragement from her experiences through her writing and speaking. She would love to share her story, ~Between Faith and Tears with you and your congregation/audience. The principal foundation of her message on her feet, ~God is Sovereign!

Orange County Christian Speaker